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Barbara's Insights on Vouvray



Since 1875, four generations of the Vigneau-Chevreau family has farmed the chalky soils of their 69-acre Vouvray domaine.  Having worked organically for many years, in 1999 Vigneau-Chevreau received its biodynamic certification. The most disciplined of organic cultures, tenets of biodynamics include the natural harnessing of universal forces, scheduling specific vineyard work according to the Maria Thun lunar calendar.  The use of indigenous yeasts allows the full expression of the terroir, that combination of factors which makes each vineyard site unique.


Barbara's Insights - Natural Wines
The House of Glunz was the first wine shop in Chicago to host a seminar on biodynamic agriculture.  In 1992, Nicolas Joly educated and enthused a somewhat skeptical audience on the problems caused by the widespread use of chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Today these discussions are common. 
The House of Glunz has long been committed to organic farming and to natural wines.  Although the practices of biodynamic farming may seem complicated to urban dwellers, the basic principles go back years.