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Since 1875, four generations of the Vigneau-Chevreau family has farmed the chalky soils of their 69-acre Vouvray domaine.  Having worked organically for many years, in 1999 Vigneau-Chevreau received its biodynamic certification. The most disciplined of organic cultures, tenets of biodynamics include the natural harnessing of universal forces, scheduling specific vineyard work according to the Maria Thun lunar calendar.  The use of indigenous yeasts allows the full expression of the terroir, that combination of factors which makes each vineyard site unique.


Vouvray (Voo-VRAE) east of Tours in the central Loire, offers great diversity, though only a single grape variety is permitted: Chenin Blanc.  The vineyards are harvested at various levels of maturity to produce the different styles from dry to sweet and also sparkling.


 The House of Glunz proudly offers three very different wines from the domaine.


Vigneau-Chevreau Vouvray Sec “Cuvée Silex” 

The earliest section to be picked, “Silex” is planted on vouvrillon soil made up of limestone, clay and silex with an abundance of flinty stones on the surface.  This cuvee has an intense flinty, minerally characteristicand a finish that lasts and lasts.  It is a perfect match for sushi, seafood and white meats, particularly with herbal preparations.  It is also a fine aperitif.



Abbaye de Marmoutier Vouvray Sec “Clos de Rougemont”

Christophe and Stéphane Vigneau control the Clos de Rougemont vineyard of the historic Abbey of Marmoutier.  One of the grandest churches in western Europe during medieval times, the Abbey and its vineyard fell into disrepair.  In the early 1990s, Vigneau-Chevreau was awarded vineyard rights to the Clos (for 50 years) in exchange for restoring it to its original grandeur. The site was replanted with a careful selection of vines from Vigneau-Chevreau’s best terroirs. The results have been impressive.  Clos de Rougemont site planted on argilo-calcaire (clay and calcareous limestone chalk) soils yielding a dry, yet full, richly fruited wine to match shellfish and.spicy Asian or Southwestern cuisine.


Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau Vouvray Petillant Demi-Sec 

Sparkling Vouvray accounts for a significant part of Vouvray production, and its consistent high quality makes it an excellent alternative to higher-priced champagne. Vigneau-Chevreau’s sparkling demi-sec is in a distinctive “petillant” style, which is bottled under less pressure for a softer and creamier texture. With its perfect balance of acidity and fresh fruit, the sparkling is perfect as an aperitif as it is at the end of the meal paired with dessert.