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Underberg Natural Herbal Digestive Bitter -3 Pack 3x20 ML Bottles

Price: $4.95
Underberg 3-Package of  Natural Herbal Digetive Bitter in 3 x 20 ML bottles. 40% Alcohol Volume. Made from a selection of the finest aromatic herbs from 43 countries.

Niche Underberg 

Hubert Underberg, the founder of the company, launched his unique product on the market in 1846, after many years of painstaking development work. His Underberg natural herb digestive soon became greatly appreciated in many countries. The remarkable digestive action and superb quality of Underberg have earned it numerous awards and medals throughout the world. Underberg has been a family-owned company for five generations during which time the personal initiative and responsibility of the proprietors have established trendsetting standards.

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